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Self Defence Baton

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Telescopic baton is manufactured strictly according to standard "Police personal equipments - manufacture & acceptance specification of telescopic batons ".

Striking parts of the batons (ball, front tube, middble tube) are made of high precision seamless steel tubes.

High performance of corrosion resistant, tensile strength, resistance to impact.

Handle part is made of heat treatment material. Thus it has good performance of strength, yet is light and easy to carry.

With self-locking cone connection, it is reliable and easy to use.

With locking force ensured, the functions to hit and strike are satisfied as well.

Ideal equipment for police officers on duty, fighting crime, and as self-defense device.

When use, hold the handle and whip, with the help of inertia, the baton will develop and self-lock.

Hit the baton head against the floor, it will draw back and selflock completely.

Please clease the baton before drawing back

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